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Shoes that grow

We have raised enough funds to provide 130 children with their first shoes.  The shoes were flown by

We have raised money for two schools to receive 130 shoes.  We are continuing to raise more funds to furnish other remote mountain schools.

Lunch Program


Lunch Programs Costs

We strive to provide a healthy lunch program through the 9 months the children are attending school.  


Chaullacocah has 38 elementary children and 10 preschool children.  The school is situated approximately 14,500 feet in altitude, above tree line.   The cost for the food alone on a monthly basis is 600 Soles or $179.59 US Dollars per month. 


Qelqanqa has 75 students.  The school is situated approximately 14,000 feet in altitude nestled in the Andes Mountains.  The cost for the food alone on a monthly basis is 800 Soles for 75 students or $239.45 US Dollars per month. 


Patachanca has 107 students and is approximately 11,500 feet in altitude.  The cost for the food alone on a monthly basis is 1000 Soles or $299.31 US Dollars per month.

Fish Farm

Each village would like to incorporate a self sustaining Fish Farm .  The start up costs and maintenance would range from $800 to $1500 US Dollars. 

Updated Kitchen items

Each school would like to incorporate updated kitchen items to make their lives a lot easier when providing food for the children. 

Past Projects


Raised $10,000 to help build a 3 classroom school

In the village of Huilloc, we help build a 3 classroom school to meet the needs of a growing community.

Water Holding Tank

We provided funds to build a water holding tank for the preschool of Huilloc.

Medical and Dental Trips

We brought a team of local medical and dental professionals to the villages of Huilloc, Chupani and Chaullaccocha.  

Lunch Programs

We have assisted with on going lunch programs at Huilloc, Chupani and Chaullaccocha.

purchased school furniture and supplies

We are in the process of purchasing tables and benches for the (at that time) 53 student school of Qelqanqa.  We are also providing a new lunch program.